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  • After deciding to enroll in the program, please fill out the required documents.
  • Please sign and send the document concerning the Processing of Your Data – which can be downloaded from the website:
  • Please fill in the application form – which can be downloaded from the website:
  • Please send the complete set of documents to the Jagiellonian University’s Institute of Polish Language and Culture for Foreigners at the following address: ul. Grodzka 64, 31-044, Kraków, or by e-mail:
  • After receiving a letter of acceptance, please pay the non-refundable registration fee of 920 PLN. This will reserve your place in the program.
  • On the basis of the letter of acceptance, a visa must be obtained from a Polish consulate in your country of residence (this does not apply to EU citizens).
  • It is necessary to pay for the one-semester program at least 10 days before it begins.
  • The fee for the one-year program can be paid in two installments, at least 10 days before each semester begins.
  • If you apply for a space in a student dormitory and receive written confirmation of a space, you may move into the dormitory after arriving to Krakow (usually 3 days before the program begins).
  • The online placement test must be taken after receiving an e-mail with a link and the deadline for taking the test. You will receive your test result after the program begins.
  • You will begin the Polish language program at the Jagiellonian University’s  Institute of Polish Language and Culture for Foreigners, ul. Grodzka 64, on 3 October 2022 or 27 February 2023.
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Due to the limited number of spaces, the Institute of Polish Language and Culture for Foreigners accepts students on a first-come, first-served basis. The application deadline for the first semester is 11 September, 2022; for the second semester – 5 February, 2023.

Important: The Institute of Polish Language and Culture for Foreigners of the Jagiellonian University reserves the right to terminate the application process earlier, if places are occupied.

If you are interested in studying at the Institute, please send the following documents:

  • a completed application form (available on the website;
  • the document concerning the PROCESSING OF YOUR PERSONAL DATA (available on the website The document should be signed and sent to the Institute along with other documents.
  • proof of graduation from secondary school (the equivalent of a Polish secondary school certificate – świadectwo maturalne – a document qualifying its holder to enter institutions of higher learning) or (in the case of university students) a document proving academic studies, or (in the case of graduates) a diploma. If the document is issued in English, it must be submitted as an authorized copy, and if it is in another language, it must be translated into Polish or English by a sworn translator;
  • a completed application form (included in this brochure and available on the website;
  • a copy of the page of your passport with your photo;
  • a brief description of your reasons for learning Polish (this is important for people planning to begin university studies in Poland or undertake academic internships).

In accordance with legislation by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, foreigners may be accepted into Polish language programs if:

  • they possess a visa or residence card, or any other document allowing them to live legally in Poland,
  • they either possess an insurance policy that will cover expenses in the case of illenss or accident during the period of their studies in Poland, possess a European Health Insurance card, or plan to become insured under the National Health Fund (NFZ) immediately after their course begins.

Documents may be sent by post or as e-mail attachments [].
The original copies must be shown after arriving in Krakow, before the program begins.
Part of enrollment for the program consists of completing the online placement test; the candidate will be informed of the result during the oral diagnostic test which is given on the inauguration day.
Important: the test is not taken by people who have no knowledge of the Polish language.

1. Minors who have completed high school can be accepted into the program after completing and submitting an OFFICIAL STATEMENT (available on the website from their parents or legal guardians, signed by a notary. The statement should be submitted before program begins, i.e. by September 29, 2022.

2. At the beginning of the program all of the participants will receive REGULATIONS, which they must acquaint themselves with and sign. The original copy will be added to the documents for each course participant, and the participant will receive a copy.