Teacher training programs and didactic workshops for teachers of Polish as a Foreign Language


The School of Polish Language and Culture organizes training programs and workshops for teachers of Polish as a foreign language. Such courses are always tailored to the individual needs of our clients. They may include topics such as the methods of teaching various linguistic competencies and elements of the Polish language system, teaching specific cultural-background students, teaching Polish for specific purposes, the European language testing and certification system for Polish, the use of popular course-books of Polish as a foreign language at various levels of language proficiency, or applications of modern technology in Polish language teaching.

Our teacher training programs may be organized in Krakow, where we provide modern university infrastructure, or in any other place selected by the client, either in Poland or abroad. They are organized and taught by specialists in teaching Polish as a foreign language, applied linguists who are staff members of the Jagiellonian University Center of the Polish Language and Culture in the World. All our instructors who are involved in the teacher training program have many years of experience in teaching Polish to foreigners and conducting research in this area, both in Poland and at foreign institutions. Most of them are authors of popular course-books and other aids for teaching Polish to foreigners. Some of our instructors are involved in the work of the State Commission for the Certification of Proficiency in Polish as a Foreign Language.