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  • Are you planning studies in Poland?
  • Do you want to improve your Polish language skills?
  • Are you interested in international affairs, economy, medicine, law or human science?
  • Are you looking for the best university for you?

The School of Polish Language and Culture by the Jagiellonian University offers summer PREPARATORY COURSES for candidates interested in starting their studies in Poland. The course is devoted to candidates who know Slavic languages. Fluent knowledge of a language similar to Polish shall largely facilitate the process of learning by taking advantage of the intercomprehension phenomenon.


 The purpose of the programme is the development and mastering of the following aspects:

  • all the language skills: listening comprehension, speaking, reading and writing
  • grammar and lexical competency
  • spelling and phonological competency
  • text editing skills
  • summarising, discussing and analysis of general and specialised texts
  • preparing public speeches and presenting opinions


When the course is completed, the students

  • shall be able to use Polish language with improved fluency and self-assurance
  • shall be better prepared to start studies in Poland
  • shall use the language with more efficiency in academic and other situations



June 15–August 7, 2020

  •       Price: 3,450 PLN  
  •       Number of hours: 200
  •       One academic hour: 45 minutes

June 15–July 10, 2020

  •       Price: 1,800 PLN  
  •       Number of hours: 100
  •       One academic hour: 45 minutes

July 13–August 7, 2020

  •      Price: 1,800 PLN
  •      Number of hours: 100
  •      One academic hour: 45 minutes


 информацию о курсах на русском и украинском языках на

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