2017 University of Guelph (Canada) Program in Krakow

The opening ceremony of the 2017 semester-long program organized for the University of Guelph was held in the Libraria of Collegium Maius on Monday September 11, 2017. The event was hosted by Vice-Rector of the Jagiellonian University Prof. dr. hab. Armen Edigarian. After the official ceremony the students took a tour of the Jagiellonian University Museum.

The program for University of Guelph has been organized by the School from 1992, every other year. This semester 17 students have come to Krakow to study the Polish language, history, art, literature as well as politics of East Central Europe, till December 9, 2017. The group leader is Dr. Jordi Diez who not only takes care of the group but also teaches his own course.

Published Date: 12.09.2017
Published by: Mariusz Kaleta