The courses in Polish language are structured in accordance with the level specifications defined in the European Council document Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, Teaching, Assessment; CEFR.

C2 Proficient User C2 - Polish State Certificate Level C2

C1 Proficient User C1

B2 Independent User B2 - Polish State Certificate Level B2

B1 Independent User B1 - Polish State Certificate Level B1

A2 Basic User A2

A1 Basic User A1



Students are tested to be placed in the classes suitable for their language proficiency level. All language classes are taught in Polish!
Maximum number of students in a language class: 12 people.

Common Reference Levels: global scale (Common European Framework of Languages)



The Polish language programs, the teaching methods and most of the teaching aids used during the summer courses have been developed by the staff of the Jagiellonian University Center for Polish Language and Culture in the World. The Center is a leading research institution on teaching of Polish as a second and foreign language. As a result of methodological studies and extensive practical experience of our teachers we have worked out our own method of teaching Polish, which is of an eclectic character. For many years we have been strong advocates of the communicative approach in foreign language teaching, never hesitating to teach functional grammar – even explicitly and cognitively – if our students needed it. Effective communication in Polish is impossible without a firm grammatical foundation. We have emphasized the need of parallel work on developing all language skills, including writing. Among the applied methods special mention should be made of our task- and project-oriented approach, focused on social interaction and teamwork.




Students who miss more than 10% of the Polish language classes (without excuse) may not take the Polish language exam.