All those interested in learning the Polish language and about Polish culture are welcome to attend our  Summer School in July and August.

Why you should definitely come here

  • because we are part of the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, which has just celebrated its 650th anniversary;
  • because our Summer School is the biggest, oldest and probably best in Poland;
  • because we are based in Poland's most beautiful city – Kraków;
  • because we teach the Polish language professionally and with passion;
  • because, in addition to our language courses, we offer lectures on Polish culture, literature, society, politics, economics, etc., delivered by teachers from the JU and other institutions of higher education;
  • because our programs give you a JU diploma and  transferable credits, including ECTS;
  • because the evenings are filled with extra activities to enhance your language and cultural experience, and we arrange trips on weekends;
  • because our programs are chosen every year by hundreds of participants from all continents, so you can meet people from all over the world here, make new friends, learn a lot and have a uniquely memorable summer!

Choose from a 4-week program, a 6-week program and two 3-week programs.