Assessment and exams

Certificates and credit points


Within four-, six- and three-week programs you can choose from various courses so that the total number of hours taken by you meets your expectations (make sure the courses do not overlap and are taught during your stay in Krakow). In order to obtain credits you should fulfill all the course requirements, i.e. appropriate attendance, midterm test, and final exam in Polish language; final test or a paper on the topic accepted by the academic adviser (in other courses). Students who pass the final language exams and meet attendance requirements receive a Jagiellonian University Polish Language Certificate (Świadectwo Językowe Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego). On request we also send Transcript of Studies which states the number of instruction hours, the level of the language course and/or the titles of other courses taken, and a grade or grades. The transfer of credits obtained at the Jagiellonian University should be arranged with the home college or university. The participants wishing to do so ought to contact their Registrar’s offices before going to Krakow.


All participants who attend classes also receive commemorative Certificates of Attendance.


State certificates in Polish as a foreign language

The Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education has launched a system of state certification exams in Polish as a Foreign Language in 2004.


Full information about the state certificates can be obtained from:


For information on state certificate examinations offered by the Jagiellonian University please visit: