Accommodation and board


Students will live in a dormitory in double rooms (with one bathroom per two rooms), fully equipped with towels, sheets etc. At the dormitory there is a club, cafeteria and post office, as well as a newspaper and souvenir stall. The participant can access the Internet inside his/her room, using his/her own properly configured laptop. The number of single rooms is limited. Accommodation in such rooms is possible upon prior reservation made on an application form (on a first come, first served basis); upon arrival – only if available. Additional payment for a single room is:

program A (four weeks) – 999 PLN;

program B (six weeks) – 1,469 PLN;

program C and D (three weeks) – 795 PLN.


The School cannot assist participants in finding private accommodation.



"PIAST" Dormitory

ul. Piastowska 47

30-067 Kraków


+48(12) 6223 100 (reception desk)

+48(12) 6223 [your room number]


Meals are served TWO TIMES A DAY (breakfast and dinner) in the students’ cafeteria. Special dietary arrangements are possible for vegetarians.