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General information

Participants will have the choice of accommodation in single or double rooms of university standard. The rooms can be equipped with (bed linen, towels, basic tableware, telephone, refrigerator, etc.), with Internet access (from own, configured laptop). Reservations for such a room must be made on the registration form and will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis; after the participant arrives, only as space allows.

The additional fee for single room accommodation is:

  • four-week program in July A - PLN 1.049.00
  • three-week program in July C - PLN 845.00
  • three-week program in August D - PLN 845.00



Participants who prefer an exclusively vegetarian diet, or who suffer from food allergies (nuts, drupes, cow's milk protein, eggs, dairy products) are requested to notify us of this fact by e-mail, at the application stage.
For organizational reasons we are not able to meet the rigors of strict elimination diets (post-surgery, celiac disease, low-gluten, low-sodium, etc. and vegan), so please kindly take this information into consideration before signing up for the program.