European Language Label


European Language Label (Europejski znak innowacyjności w dziedzinie nauczania i uczenia języków obcych) to europejski certyfikat jakości w edukacji językowej. Program Lato Odkrywców  został wyróżniony  w 2015 roku tą prestiżową nagrodą przyznawaną przez Fundację Rozwoju Systemu Edukacji za innowacyjne podejście do nauki języków obcych.



Nagrodzony projekt:




Nagrodzony projekt:


Nagrodzony projekt:

  1. Name of the project: Teaching and testing Polish as a foreign language

  2. Coordinator of the project: Waldemar Martyniuk, Ph. D.

  3. Aim of the project: Application of the quality management principles for language teaching as defined in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages in order to standardize and control the quality of teaching Polish as a foreign language at the courses organized by the School

  4. Description of the project and the end product:
    A long term monitoring of the purposes for learning Polish as a foreign language and the achieved levels of proficiency in the courses organized by the School (ca. 700 participants a year) has lead to distinguishing the following eight levels of proficiency: A 0 – „Survival"; A 1 – „Introduction to Polish"; A 2 – „Waystage"; B 1 – „Threshold"; B 2 – „First Certificate"; C 1 – „Study Certificate"; C 2 – „Proficiency"; D – „Native Speaker". Levels A 1 – C 2 correspond with the levels described in the Common European Framework of Reference. To start with, a short description of teaching aims as well as tools for proficiency assessment has been prepared for each level. As the final result of the project, a coherent system of level specifications, quality management of the teaching process, and assessment through language proficiency examinations has been worked out and it is now applied to all courses of Polish as a foreign language offered by the School. The system is being continuously evaluated by all course participants who are asked to fill in anonymous questionnaires. Their evaluations are later used as materials for trainings organized regularly for the teachers of the School. The analysis of the evaluations shows that the introduced system has contributed to the improvement of the teaching quality created the increase in motivation of learners who more and more often declare their will to continue learning of Polish in order to achieve the next level of proficiency.